I have changed the battery in my CDC four and now it won’t work with the stage rack. What's wrong?Posted on: 2017-04-12

There is a small battery in the CDC four which supports the control parameters when mains power is removed, this battery needs replacing roughly every 12 months ( FAQ: How do I replace the back-up battery in a CDC four). When the battery is replaced it is necessary to “power cycle” the CDC four twice to re-establish a set of default parameters.

It has been noted that sometimes after doing this the CDC four will no longer communicate with a stage rack (this issue does not happen with the later CDC four:m version of the console). This communication issue is a result of the CDC four incorrectly resetting itself to use “Legacy MegaCOMMS mode” due to a memory corruption.

The quickest and easiest way to clear this problem is to do a firmware update, either via a Net Update or using a USB Memory Stick. This will clear the corruption of the Legacy parameter and restore communications to the stage rack.

If for any reason you do not want to do a firmware upgrade then another way to clear the problem would be:

  1. In SYSTEM screen select System Clock Synch
  2. Turn the Adjust encoder clockwise two clicks
  3. CDC four will present a dialog box saying Reboot (MC33) Legacy
  4. Select the OK box and press the Enter button
  5. The CDC four will reboot
  6. Repeat the process, this time click the Adjust encoder once in the anti-clockwise direction the dialog box will say Reboot (MC55) Stnd.
  7. The CDC four will again reboot

You should now find that communications with the stage box will be restored.