CDC MC Dante Network Bridge

  • Overview

    The CDC MC Dante is a 1U Dante to MegaCOMMS audio network bridge enabling Dante units to be incorporated within a MegaCOMMS audio network. The unit now features A and B Dante Ethernet ports with redundancy. It can operate at either 96 kHz or 48 kHz and can handle up to 64 inputs and outputs.

    The MC Dante also has on-board sample rate conversion for all 128 channels, as well as its own independent word clock with audio connections via co-axial.

    Dual PSUs come as standard to ensure secure performance in critical network applications. As with the CDC MC MADI unit, the co-axial ports glow either red or blue for Rx (receive) or Tx (transmit) – enabling fast and accurate configuring of the MegaCOMMS network especially in low light.

    This video provides an overview of the CDC MC Dante audio network bridge

    Feature Summary

    • 1U MC Dante Audio Network Bridge
    • 96 kHz or 48 kHz operation
    • Up to 64 inputs and outputs
    • Co-axial and RJ45 connections
    • Independent word clock synchronisation
    • MegaCOMMS network co-axial ports glow either red or blue for Rx (receive) or Tx (transmit)
    • Dual PSUs

    Useful Information about the CDC MC Dante

     A guide to setting up a CDC MC Dante for a Dante network

    Download: CDC MC Dante Set-up Guide



    486.2mm wide (19”) x 44.0mm (1.73”) high x 252.50mm (9.92”) deep


    4.5kg / 9.92lb