CDC MC Router

  • Overview

    The CDC MC Router provides the routing capability for the MegaCOMMS network. This 2U unit with 12 pairs of MegaCOMMS ports allows up to 12 MegaCOMMS units, including consoles, to be linked within the same audio network. It can expand the audio network up to a count of 3,072 channels and provides console gain compensation and console mirroring.

    The MegaCOMMS units include stageboxes and audio network bridges. This means that a number of I/O stageboxes can be placed around a venue feeding the FoH and monitor positions – and redundant consoles – plus either Dante or MADI network bridges feeding 128 channels to broadcast trucks or a DAW. All this on 150 meter (492 feet) coaxial cable runs from the CDC MC Router (or 2 km via a CDC MC Optical bridge).

    Below is a diagram showing the potential network capability of the CDC MC Router:

    The above diagram has 128 analogue inputs shared between four consoles, which can be configured either as four discrete mixing systems, or two redundant console pairs. The example also shows audio distributed to remote broadcast and recording facilities via MegaCOMMS to MADI and Dante network bridges. The CDC MC Router provides gain compensation for all audio streams should any analogue input gains be adjusted during the performance, and can be pre-programmed with up to eight different routing maps, which can be selected from remote switching panel. All coaxial cable runs can be up to 150 metres or 2 km via optical.

    For more in-depth information about Cadac's unique MegaCOMMS audio protocol click here.

    This video provides an overview of the CDC MC Router that provides the routing capability for the MegaCOMMS network.

    Feature Summary

    • 2U MegaCOMMS router
    • 12 pairs of MegaCOMMS ports per Router
    • One audio network of up to 3072 channels 
    • Up to 128 bi-directional channels of 96 kHz / 24-bit audio per port
    • Adds less than 0.01 milliseconds to a MegaCOMMS network 
    • Connect up to 4 MegaCOMMS compatible consoles, with gain compensation, in one network
    • Connect up to 8 MegaCOMMS compatible units in one network
    • Cable runs of up to 150 meters / 492 feet on coaxial or up to 2 km  / 6,561 feet on optical
    • MegaCOMMS network co-axial ports glow either red or blue for Rx (receive) or Tx (transmit)



    486.2mm wide (19”) x 88.0mm (3.46”) high x 252.50mm (9.92”) deep


    5.5kg / 12.12lb