CDC MC Router

  • Overview

    The CDC MC Router provides the dynamic routing capability for the MegaCOMMS network. The 2U unit has 12 pairs of MegaCOMMS ports which can handle an audio network of 3072 channels.

    The CDC MC Router in conjunction with its control software, NetCOMMS, allows the fast and intuitive creation of powerful MegaCOMMS networks.  Via a PC via using a simple graphical user interface Router maps can be created, edited and saved before uploading to the CDC MC Router via the Ethernet connection or as part of a wireless network.

    The Network Screen, with a simple representation of the Router ports, allows the hardware configuration of the network to be built by a simple click and select.

    The grid based patch system on the Routing Screen, utilising a ‘tabbed’ system for each selected unit, is instantly familiar with audio engineers and allows the user to patch either individually, or in blocks or 4, 8, 16 or 32; or even to patch all connections from unit to unit with a single click. This screen also shows the status of an individual connection i.e. whether it is a Single, Master or a Slave connection.

    NetCOMMS enables individual connections to be given a “friendly” name which can then be uploaded - via an Ethernet connection to the console from the PC - to the routing page on the consoles.

    The CDC MC Router also handles gain compensation between consoles, automatically compensating for adjustments in gain, up to ± 20 dB,  from the master console without affecting the gain, or audio quality, of any other console in the same network.

    Feature Summary

    • 2U MegaCOMMS router
    • 12 pairs of MegaCOMMS ports capable of handling 128 bi-directional channels of 96 kHz / 24-bit audio per pair of ports
    • Create / save / edit custom maps via NetCOMMS software
    • Gain compensation (with individual connection status shown on NetCOMMS software)
    • NetCOMMS software allows fast setup of complex networks
    • Adds less than 0.01 milliseconds to a MegaCOMMS network
    • Dual PSUs as standard


    To download NetCOMMS control software for the CDC MC Router go to the Software Page - click here - and look for Cadac NetCOMMS.

    For more in-depth information about Cadac's unique MegaCOMMS audio protocol click here.


    Cadac’s MegaCOMMS digital network allows the audio infrastructure to be designed to meet the requirements of the most challenging applications. With a choice of local I/O cards, stageboxes and audio network bridges plus a dedicated router to handle the dynamic management of the audio, the network can be as complex or as simple as required. 

    All Cadac digital audio is transmitted using Cadac’s proprietary MegaCOMMS digital interconnect protocol which provides less than 0.4 ms latency from analogue input on stage, through the CDC eight or CDC six, to analogue output on stage, plus robust error correction and advanced system clocking.

    The protocol provides up to 128 bi-directional channels of 96 kHz / 24-bit audio along with all control data and clock synchronisation. This is all carried on co-axial cable with runs of up to 150 meters (492 feet) from the console or MC Router. The benefit of combining audio, control, and clock into one single network simplifies connectivity, shortens set-up time and reduces investment in cabling infrastructure.

    For more in-depth information about Cadac's unique MegaCOMMS audio protocol click here.



    486.2mm wide (19”) x 88.0mm (3.46”) high x 252.50mm (9.92”) deep


    5.5kg / 12.12lb