• CADAC Unveils CDC eight System Series

    CADAC Unveils CDC eight System Series
    UK - Cadac Holdings Ltd Luton, Beds. UK. Just seven months after first unveiling its revolutionary CDC eight digital production console, CADAC is launching a complete CDC eight series production system at Prolight+Sound 2012, with the addition of an ultra-compact 16 channel variant, with identical processing, channel count and I/O capabilities, and an Ethernet connected 16 fader ‘sidecar’ expander module, enabling expansion of the control surfaces of the CDC eight console, or dedication of I/O channels on the desk to sub mixing, monitor mix or other discrete applications.

    The CDC eight-32 32 fader console is now joined by the CDC eight-16, with an ultra-compact footprint providing 16 faders and a single touch-screen control surface. The two consoles are identical in all other respects, having the same 128 channel I/O configuration, functionality and processing power.

    The CDC eight-16S is a mix expansion sidecar, connected with a single Ethernet cable. A single CDC eight-16S offers extra 16 fader and touch-screen control for CDC eight-32 and CDC eight-16 consoles, enabling extended control and deployment of the 128 I/O channel configuration; and allowing hire companies to supply varying size console configurations at substantially lower inventory costs than would otherwise be required.

    With the addition of the CDC8-16S, shared FOH and monitor functions can be provided from a single CDC eight-32 or CDC eight-16 console, using a shared audio rack.

    Announcing the arrival of the new system components, Marketing Manager Patrick Almond explained, “From the outset we devised the CDC eight as a system solution rather than just a console, providing a level of flexibility and functionality way beyond its price point. For hire companies it offers an optimum solution, to hold a combination of component units in order to create a whole variety of different optional unified mix systems; rather than deploying numerous individual desks requiring far greater investment.”


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