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Hear the Difference


Cadac Consoles

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Cadac Console's mission is to design intuitive, low latency mixing systems, delivering leading audio performance to the professional live sound market.

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Digital Audio Mixing Consoles

Cadac's audio mixing consoles have a truly intuitive user interface, with class leading audio performance and the industry's lowest latency, all in an extremely compact and  competitive package.

Remote Stage Racks

The CM-SR  range of stage racks provides comprehensive, feature rich remote I/O for the CM system via Cadac's properietary, low latency MegaCOMMS network protocol.

Audio Network Bridges

Cadac's audio network bridges enable third party  protocols to be easily incorporated withn the MegaCOMMS audio network.

Software Apps

Cadac's next generation of software Apps provide the freedom to prepare and fine tune the audio mix away from the console.


Cadac Immersive


Cadac Immersive's primary focus is to leverage cutting-edge technologies and industry expertise to explore new frontiers in audio spatialisation and cater to the growing demand for immersive and 3D audio experiences across all entertainment platforms.

Cadac Immersive MAP white.png

The Ambisonic Advantage

Cadac's ambersonic audio reproduction is isotropic. Put simply it is based on physics that closely match the natural auditory characteristics of the human ear rather than relying on psychoacoustics.

Advanced Ambisonics

The use of Higher Order Ambisonics - HOA - allows a true 3D spherical sound field providing the perfect listening environment.

Immersive Technology

Cadac's ambisonic technology complies with all current international technical standards including the ITU.

Adaptive Sound Field Control

Cadac's AF48 Adaptive Controller is designed to accurately achieve a flat frequency and significantly improve clarity within minutes.

About Cadac

Sound Evolution

The Cadac name has been synonymous with premium quality audio mixing consoles for over 50 years. 

Formed in 1968 Cadac derived its name from the first letter of each of the founder’s Christian names; Clive (Green), Adrian (Kerridge), David (Bott) And Charles (Billet).

The first Cadac console from the newly formed company went to the legendary recording studio Morgan Studios. Cadac's reputation for superior audio lead to consoles being installed in numerous prestigious recording studios across the globe and were responsible for the superlative audio quality of countless iconic albums.

Then in 1984 Cadac moved into the world of theatre, and took centre stage with a bespoke desk for “Little Shop of Horrors” for sound designer Martin Levan, with the dictate it should be of “studio quality audio”.  This was the beginning of the period where Cadac dominated the theatre market on shows like Billy Elliot, We Will Rock You, Hairspray, Jersey Boys, Lion King, Wicked and on Broadway: 13, Avenue Q, Chicago, Guys and Dolls, Gypsy, Hairspray, Jersey Boys, Lion King, Mary Poppins, Pal Joey , South Pacific and Wicked. Plus, The Phantom of the Opera where a Cadac A-Type provided 24 years of continuous service from 1984 to 2008.

From the earliest recording studio desks in the late 1960s to the analogue consoles that dominated the West End and Broadway theatres, right through to digital desks found on global concert tours, Cadac has always set the benchmark for audio quality.

In fact, there are few brands that can match Cadac’s unparalleled pedigree in the world of professional audio.

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